Trenchless Taiwan Engineering Services Co. Ltd.

Trenchless Taiwan Engineering Services Co Ltd (TTESCL)

Trenchless Taiwan Engineering Services Co Ltd (TTESCL), was awarded the HDD installation job of 4nos. HDPE ducts of 500mmOD for a total length of 2.154 kms at Formosa2 Offshore Wind Farm project, Miaoli county Taiwan. The detailed design & engineering were supplied from TTESCL and after approvals from contractor Jan De Nul & client Formosa2 Wind Power CO., Ltd the 150T HDD rig was placed at TJB and the pipe pulling was done from the offshore side. The pipes were supplied by the contractor and TTESCL welded the pipes along with golden joint with all in-duct camera & welding records. The jobsite has been handed over to Jan De Nul after performing all pigging & gauging operations and sealing the duct ends at TJB.

The project was delivered way before the schedule time frame and TTESCL personnel delivered round the clock performance. The client was extremely satisfied with TTESCL performance and in a completion letter to TTESCL, Glen Evertsen, Formosa 2 – Subsea Cables Package Manager said, “Contracted & managed directly by the Formosa 2 EPC contractor Jan De Nul, the safety, technical & operational performance demonstrated by Trenchless within this partnership was exemplary and resulted in successful delivery of the scope. This success ensures the next phase of Formosa 2 project construction can progress without delay which is critically important to us from an overall project delivery perspective” It was further acknowledged by F2 that “Trenchless has proven their ability to successfully deliver this technically & operationally challenging scope on time in the midst of Covid-19 pandemic”

Trenchless group working in Taiwan since 2014 is a well-established name in HDD industry and owns & operates 24 HDD rigs.

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