Safety is paramount in the construction industry, and at Trenchless, we prioritise it as a fundamental aspect of our organisational culture.

We are dedicated to constantly improving our safety and health policies, ensuring that every individual within our company, from top-level executives to newly onboarded trainees, comprehends the significance of maintaining a safe and healthy work environment.

By diligently adhering to our comprehensive company safety program, which outlines best practices, we effectively minimise or eliminate the risks associated with injuries and illnesses, fostering a workplace where employees can confidently pursue their careers without compromising their well-being.

The company operates on four basic principles:
All injuries
are preventable.
Employee participation is
our safety process and is
the key to preventing
All employees are
responsible for safety and
for preventing injuries
Safety is a condition of
To ensure a safe working environment, Trenchless commitment to safety includes
Three full-time safety professionals to initiate and monitor safe work practices, including a certified safety professional
A detailed safety manual with employee training guidelines specified in each program
Daily Pre-Task Safety Planning meetings on all job sites
Weekly toolbox safety talks on all job sites
Monthly safety training meetings for all Foremen
Regular job site safety inspections
A 100% drug-free workplace program
A Safety Committee to identify and address safety concerns and suggestions