Taiwan's efforts in promoting green energy have led to the development of wind farms along its coast. The prestigious Project Formosa II was awarded to Jan De Nul (JDN) for the installation of windmills and cables. JDN entrusted Trenchless with the task of installing cables from sea to shore using the HDD method for the project.

Trenchless overcame various challenges. In the absence of land on the pipe side, we fabricated a pipe string on the beach and tugged it to the exit point 550 metres into the sea. The team received permission to start drilling in April 2020 and had to complete the installation of four lines by July 2020 due to Taiwan's heavy typhoon season after July, which which could have caused disruptions.

In addition to strict timelines, Trenchless also had to deal with the peak of the COVID-19 pandemic during the project execution. To ensure safety, the team had to be relocated.

Moreover, Trenchless also, Trenchless also faced the risk of frac out on the beach during the installation of the 36" casing. To prevent this, the company utilised a Pneumatic Hammer during the installation process. This technology enabled Trenchless to secure the casing in place, reducing the risk of frac out and ensuring the safety of the surrounding area. By utilising innovative technology and experienced professionals, Trenchless was able to overcome the challenges and successfully complete the cable installation for Project Formosa II.


20 Inch


550 Metres

No of pipes:



Soft Ground with some Gravels

Equipment Used:

Drilling Machine HK - 150 (150 Tonnes Pulling Capacity)