To transfer gas from Jagdishpur to Haldia/Bokaro, GAIL needed to bridge the 3,000-meter-wide Mahanadi River in Odisha, India. With this massive project on a tight schedule, Trenchless was commissioned to drill two pipelines using trenchless technology. The project came with several challenges, including strict deadlines and a limited amount of space on the exit sidess.


Trenchless knew that time was of the essence with the onset of the monsoon season quickly approaching. The team decided to bundle the two pipelines and install them simultaneously, shortening the delivery time. This strategy, however, came with risks as bundle pulling for such a large crossing could be challenging.

Another challenge faced by Trenchless was the limited space on the exit side, which only had 150 meters of straight space before requiring the pipe-string to curve. Handling the curved pipe-string at the time of pullback can be very challenging, but Trenchless tackled this issue with great success.


Despite the challenges, Trenchless completed the project in four months, meeting the strict deadline. The team ensured that all work was completed with the utmost care for the environment, minimizing any disruption to local flora and fauna. By using trenchless technology, GAIL avoided the need to dig a trench, reducing the environmental impact of the project. Overall, Trenchless successfully overcame the challenges of this complex project, providing GAIL with a safe and efficient pipeline crossing over the Mahanadi River.







Equipment Used:

DT-260 and GD-350