Brahmaputra River Crossing


Overcoming Challenges in Crossing the Brahmaputra - GAIL's Gas Transfer Triumph

In the expansive landscape of Assam, India, GAIL embarked on a formidable mission: transporting gas from Barauni to Guwahati, a journey that demanded bridging the formidable 3,600-meter-wide Brahmaputra River. To tackle this monumental task, they turned to Trenchless Engineering

Project Overview:

Objective: Facilitate the transfer of gas from Barauni to Guwahati.
Key Challenge: Crossing the 3,600-meter-wide Brahmaputra River.
Solution: Use Intersection Method.

Navigating Complex Strata:
The project presented a geologic puzzle with multiple transition layers:
This posed a unique challenge in terms of selection and design of Tooling, Bentonite, managing torsional pressures on drill pipe.

  • 0-50 meters: Soft ground, demanding precision.
  • 50-800 meters: Rock formations, occasionally weathered, testing resilience.
  • 800-3,300 meters: Soft terrain, with sand and silt, requiring meticulous attention.
  • 3,300-3,500 meters: Unyielding rock, the ultimate frontier.

Challenges and Adaptations:
The journey was marked by a significant setback during the initial attempt, highlighting the enormity of the undertaking. Trenchless Engineering learned from these early failures and recalibrated their approach, demonstrating resilience and adaptability.

Intricate Workmanship:
Trenchless Engineering executed a 42-inch conductor barrel assembly on both sides after the pilot hole was established. This intricate process added complexity to an already demanding task.

Resourceful Solutions:
To ensure success, the team utilized two rigs for a substantial portion of the crossing, meticulously reaming through the challenging terrain. Their persistence was unwavering, managing 2-3 joints a day and working tirelessly, day and night, irrespective of weather conditions.

Robust Equipment:
The arsenal included:

  • 2 x AA 1100 machines
  • 1 x 500-ton Trenchless Thruster 
  • 4 x F-800 Mud Pumps
  • 4 x Recycling Units
  • Mud Tanks
  • Hammerhead Pneumatic Hammer
  • 500 joints of 6-5/8 FH Drill Pipe

Project Triumph:

The successful completion of this project stands as a testament to the collective determination and ingenuity of GAIL and Trenchless Engineering. They surmounted complex geological strata and conquered the formidable Brahmaputra River, establishing a vital link in the gas transport chain.

This job story not only celebrates engineering expertise but also underscores the value of resilience, adaptability, and unwavering commitment in the face of adversity. It's a tale of challenges embraced and conquered, paving the way for enhanced energy connectivity and reliability.





Equipment Used:

2 x AA 1100 machines 1 x 500-ton Trenchless Thruster 4 x F-800 Mud Pumps 4 x Recycling Units Mud Tanks Hammerhead Pneumatic Hammer 500 joints of 6-5/8 FH Drill Pipe