Trenchless Successfully Completes LNG Pipeline Crossing Taichung Harbour Using Innovative Solutions

CPC planned to distribute LNG by crossing the Taichung Harbour through a pipeline measuring 36" x 1750 metres and 12" x 1900 metres. Trenchless was entrusted with this project, which required laying pipes without digging any trenches through the harbour. The crossing presented several challenges that Trenchless had to overcome to complete the project successfully.

One of the key challenges was the S-curve design of the pipeline crossing, which added difficulty in terms of guidance. Trenchless had to ensure the pipes were laid accurately without any deviation, despite the challenging curve.

Another challenge was the lack of space for laying the coil on the pipe side. Trenchless had to use Ac Beacon, and the team had to be extremely precise since the space available for the punch-out was only 1m^2, with 26 inches and 6 inches lines already present in the area. Due to the space constraint, Trenchless had to prepare three parallel strings and required two golden joints for the installation.

Add to this the large diameter of the pipe. Trenchless had to use buoyancy control methodology which further complicated the golden joint process. However, Trenchless rose to the occasion and completed the project to the client's satisfaction.

A key standout for Trenchless was the mobilisation of the Pipe Thruster, which was completely designed and fabricated in-house. This one-of-a-kind equipment helped push the pipe without putting too much pulling load on the rig. The Pipe Thruster also proved to be excellent equipment for matching the 36-inch pipe for the golden joint, further showcasing Trenchless's mettle in innovation.


36" and 12"


1750m and 1900m


Sand and Silt

Equipment Used:

HK-400 and Hk-150