At Trenchless Engineering Services Pvt Ltd, we pride ourselves on being the industry leader in providing high-quality and reliable trenchless services. With over three decades of experience in the industry, we have built a reputation for excellence and established ourselves as a trusted partner for a wide range of clients. 

  • Founded

    in 2000

  • Experience

    in 9 countries in Middle East, Africa, and Asia

  • Employs

    400+ experienced professionals

  • One of the largest fleet

    of 25 HDD rig spreads and Microtunneling machines

  • Nominated

    for Gold Standard Award in Innovative Techniques by China Petroleum Corporation (CPC) Taiwan

  • Awarded

    for Best Construction Projects by CIDC Vishwakarma Awards


Offshore Wind Farms

Smart Cities

Water & Sewerage

Power & Telecom

Oil & Gas

Roads and Railways

Our extensive fleet comprises 25 HDD rigs ranging from 30-500 tons, along with our Microtunneling, Auger Boring Machine, Pipe Ramming, Pipe Jacking, and Box Pushing capabilities, which allow us to offer a complete range of services for installing casing pipes under rivers, sea beds, roads, railways, mountains and creeks.

We have a proven track record of success in diverse segments such as Oil and Gas, Water and Sewer, Power and Telecommunications, OWF (Offshore wind farms), and other projects that require a deep understanding of the complexities involved in the trenchless process.

Our team of planners, designers, and construction specialists are highly skilled and experienced and have successfully executed numerous national and international projects in the past.

Our mission is to use our wealth of engineering and construction expertise to develop world-class infrastructure that propels our nation forward into the 21st century, setting new records and completing even the most challenging of projects.