Laser Guided Tunneling Boring

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The Laser Guided Tunnel Boring Machine is composed of a Bore Head equipped with a Hydraulic operated cutter in the front. The pipe pusher consisting of hydraulic jacks is used to push the casing installed right behind the Bore Head. The cuttings from the bore head is evacuated from the casing by using the conveyor or Augers installed in smaller casing pipe. Bentonite is also injected in the annulus between the casing and the adjacent pipe to reduce friction while pushing longer drives. After completion of the crossing cement grout can be injected throughout the bore to avoid any settlement. The bore alignment is continually checked using a laser incorporated into the tunnel bore and steerable hydraulic cylinders makes it possible to make adjustments during the boring process. Moreover, a shield can be installed in the upper part of the tunnel bore, which makes it possible to avoid any excess excavation that might produce subsidence. TESPL has installed Large Diameter pipes for Water and Sewer Boards as well as for Oil and Gas Pipelines up to a dia of 68” Casing Pipe and lengths up to 100 meters in single shot. We own a fleet of 7 different Diameter of Bore Heads i.e. 42”, 48”, 54”, 60”, 68”, 72” and 80”.